Understanding Social Support & Recovery

Published 08/06/2021

What & Why?

It is well reported that authentic social support (e.g., family, friends, colleagues) can have a positive effect in mitigating work and life stress. The quality of one’s support network can go a long way in helping achieve and maintain positive wellbeing.

At times, our loved ones (family, partners, spouses) are not emotionally available for us in moments where we are experiencing high degrees of stress and pressure in our workplace or as part of other significant roles or relationships. It is, therefore, important that we develop a strong and reliable network, whenever possible, that can provide unconditional support and understanding and can exhibit deep listening when we need to just talk about how we are feeling and what is bothering us at a certain point of time.

Let's Create Balance

Motivated professionals are often pulled into large hours of work from week to week, interfering with meaningful time with family and friends. Learning how to prioritise and manage one’s time pressures related to the delivery of our professional roles is necessary so that we can put time into those we care about, regardless of our current work circumstances.

Understanding the ways that high performing organisations implement these processes and values is something we are all fascinated with. High performance sport cultures are one of these places that do it very well. Bruce Arian, the Head Coach of the Super Bowl Championship Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will fire his coaching staff if they fail to attend one of their family commitments. “If you miss a football game, a recital, anything to do with your children, I’ll fire you!” Arians told Peter Kind in 2019 after joining the Buccaneers.


Are there long hours in high performance environments? Absolutely! But making time for those we love not only communicates to them that we care, it allows for one to get away from the workplace and take a productive break that can likely create enhanced recovery and more clarity and purpose when we return to work.

Want a better way to understand and facilitate social support and recovery in your organisation? Learn more about how Hoap can help you and your team today!

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