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How Hoap works


Daily check in

Our daily check in fosters purposeful self-reflection, contributing to elevated self-awareness on how one is feeling and why. Using an evidence-based approach, our check in gathers ongoing measures of important performance and wellbeing areas and formulates personal scores across our fundamental wellbeing states. Checking in daily enables subtle but important changes to be made that can have a big impact over time.


Personal Trends

In addition to a daily personal score, trends are provided over a 14 day and 12 week period to track progress over a longer period of time. The trends provide powerful insights into how one recovers best so that everyone can take control of their own wellbeing.


Leader Dashboards

Our dashboard provides leaders with valuable insights into how their team is trending in the fundamental wellbeing states. It is a powerful tool that allows teams to communicate how they are feeling on a daily basis and enables real conversations and real change to happen. Leaders are encouraged to use these insights to take action that ensures the wellbeing of their organizations greatest assets, their people.


Organizational Trends

Receiving powerful insights is one thing, acting on it is another. We encourage leaders across all levels of an organization to utilise the information from our platform to drive change. We are passionate about not only providing individuals with assistance in improving their wellbeing, but providing leaders with the knowledge and skills to be able to act on the insights that they receive, so that enduring change can be made. We believe in organizations where trust is at the core, where everyone can be their whole selves and that leaders support their teams and each other by creating an environment where everyone can thrive.



We believe that fostering knowledge is a key element in achieving wellbeing. In our mobile application, Hoap provides captivating video content that showcases the inspiring stories of high performing individuals and teaches the foundations of wellbeing by experts in their fields.

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