Welcome to the evolution of workplace wellbeing & performance.

Our approach

We drive performance through a culture of wellbeing.

Our approach has been tried and tested by high performance organisations around the world.

We elevate teams with evidence-based knowledge and a focus on technology and education.

We're also at the forefront of innovative research so we not only keep up with best practices, but discover them too.


We are the industry leaders in monitoring personal and team wellbeing.

Our smart technology enables your organisation to know how your talent are really feeling from month to month, giving you the opportunity to make meaningful change at the time it is needed.


We ensure your talent and leaders are equipped with the skills they need to drive personal and team wellbeing.

Our tools and resources, original expert content and multiple training options means your organisation always has access to an appropriate level of education.


We partner with your organisation to embed wellbeing into your culture.

We form part of your organisation's ecosystem and work with you to optimise initiatives and offerings that you already have in place.

Wellbeing for performance starts here.

Tools for Talent

Hoap starts with a Mobile App that is first and foremost a tool for an organisation's talent that can be applied in their personal and professional lives. The Hoap Mobile App features the following:

Daily Check-ins

Using an evidence-based approach, our daily check-in involves answering questions across our fundamental wellbeing states. The daily check-in fosters purposeful self-reflection, contributing to elevated self-awareness on how one is feeling and why. Checking in daily enables subtle but important changes to be made that can have a big impact over time.

Trends & Recommendations

Upon completing the daily check-in, personal scores are formulated across each of the fundamental wellbeing states. In the event that a "low" trend is recorded, an appropriate recommendation is provided. The trends and recommendations provide powerful insights into how one recovers best so that everyone can take control of their own wellbeing.


Talent are able to share their wellbeing trends with an Advocate of their choice. An Advocate is someone within the organisation who the talent has a trusted relationship with and whose role is to support the individual on their wellbeing journey.

Reach Outs

Our reach out function provides a safe and discreet space for talent and their Advocates to start a wellbeing conversation.

Content & Education

We believe that fostering knowledge is a key element in achieving wellbeing. In our Mobile App, Hoap provides captivating original video content that showcases the inspiring stories of high performing individuals and teaches the foundations of wellbeing by experts in their fields.

Tools for Leaders

Our leader dashboards operate as a powerful support mechanism to our Mobile App by providing leaders with valuable insights into the wellbeing of their teams and team members. Our leader dashboards feature the following:

Organisational Trends

Our leader dashboards provide leaders with de-identified team trends. These trends provide an overview of the wellbeing of a team as a whole and help leaders understand how their team is tracking at a particular time.

Team Member Trends

Advocates are provided with a daily snapshot of how individual team members are trending in their wellbeing states and enables them to understand how an individual is really feeling at a given time.

Smart Notifications & Insights

We understand that everyone is busy. So, to ensure Advocates stay informed with time sensitive information, our smart alerts feature notifies an Advocate when they have a team member who has triggered a critical alert. This assists Advocates in being able to support their team members when it is needed most.

Pulse Checks

Our monthly pulse check asks your talent to reflect on how they feel about the current levels of workplace wellbeing across several important areas. The questions asked in our pulse check are curated by wellbeing experts and provide organisations with a snapshot of how their talent are really feeling from month to month, enabling meaningful and timely change to be made.

Leader Resources + Expert Support

We believe that in order to truly embed wellbeing into the culture of an organisation, it starts with the leaders. To ensure that all leaders are equipped with the skills they need to appropriately support the wellbeing of their talent, Hoap provides a comprehensive leader support toolkit, with different options that you can choose from according to the level of support that your leaders need. Reach out to us to learn more.

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