Meet the Team: Ben Tripodi

Published 13/04/2021

Leading Wellbeing & Performance

In conversation with: Meet Ben Tripodi, the CEO of Hoap and Lumin Sports.

What is your role?


Where did you come from/experience?

My whole adult life has revolved around sport, mainly endurance sport. I have been fascinated with finding my limits and seeing other humans fulfil their greatest potential. I then started to become interested in technology and how quickly technology was shaping the modern world across all industries. Because of my passion for sport and the possibilities technology could make possible, my professional working career has revolved around using technology, both software and hardware to fulfil human potential.

About Ben

Your biggest learning from 2020?

For me, 2020 was such a great year to learn about myself and others around me. 2020 was a timely reminder that to achieve your goals, you will need to continuously overcome challenges and hurdles, which will happen at the least expected time. It taught me to become more resilient and appreciate what I have in my personal and professional life.

As a leader how do you best connect with those around you?

Any team, whether a sports teams, a community team or a workplace team is made up of humans. Humans are not robots and therefore can not be treated as such. As a leader I think it is important to understand that your team are like you, they have good and bad days which are influenced by so many factors in their life that are not just professional. So to truly connect with your team, you need to know when to check in so that you can better understand the person, so that you can give them the tools and resources to get the best out of themselves.

What do you think creates great culture in a team?

A great culture is not a one size fits all, every team is different. For me a great culture is that is connected to a strong set of team values and a strong vision and mission for the team. With values, vision and mission, the team is driven by a greater purpose that promotes teamwork, accountability and freedom. And when the whole team is driven to this greater purpose, it is in the best interest of the team for everyone to look out for each other.

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