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Natalie Sokol
Natalie Sokol Key Leader - Lululemon Australia

Hoap has become a part of my morning routine & is a moment for me to check in with myself and reflect. I find the app quick and easy enough to complete daily but thorough enough to have an impact.

Cameron Wells
Cameron Wells Director - Watterson PR

We’ve used Hoap for several months now and it’s become a daily habit for the team here at Watterson. From my perspective, the application and the support from the team at Hoap really help me narrow down my various emotional states at work and what attributes to them – if I’m feeling stressed, unfulfilled or tired, often those days coincide with other factors such as a lack of sleep or reduced exercise. It helps me prepare for the next day to make it better than the previous one.

Mike Burfield
Mike Burfield Director - Bentley's Accounting R&D Services

Very proud of our association with Hoap, which has been an invaluable tool for our team during COVID and beyond. Hoap allows us to drive connection when our team is remote, and continue to support our team through this solution.

Josh Kiosses
Josh Kiosses Assistant Store Manager - Lululemon Australia

My daily check-in with the Hoap app has helped me be more mindful and present to how I’m feeling and what I’m experiencing every day. This daily practice is a time for me to pause and reflect on why I’m feeling a certain way or prompts me to dig deeper if a certain area of wellness is trending high or low. 

Andrew Fuss
Andrew Fuss Marketing Manager - Pickstar

I've had some really meaningful conversations with my manager as a result of using Hoap. There'd been a trend bubbling away that led to a really open and helpful discussion that allowed me to tell my manager I was struggling. Without this mechanism, this is something that's really difficult to address - especially if you're having a rough time. That conversation led to a really important change in the way I approach work and has had a significant, positive result on my mental health and on my work.

James Begley
James Begley CEO & Founder - Pickstar

I have seen many platforms that come and go with little success, however Hoap has actually become part of our business DNA. Our ability to sustain higher levels of performance has significantly increased. Hoap has provided the Leadership Team the ultimate conversation starter in a safe and compassionate manner, with how we can support out team members with their engagement at work.

Sophie Rayner
Sophie Rayner Account Manager - Divide Design

Implementing Hoap into my daily schedule has been surprisingly seamless and provided incredible insights. Self-awareness and the ability to reflect on my wellbeing was something that I've at times, struggled with. However, since using Hoap for a few months now, I've started to learn my individual trends and through the education library and resources, better my ability to handle and achieve my optimal or flow state both in and outside of work.

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