What Does ‘Modern Day’ Working From Home Look Like?

Published 23/07/2021

Could This Be The New Workforce 'Norm'?

We have learnt, in recent times, that working from home is part of the new norm and for the sake of public health we must all harness the opportunity to lock in at the home office (or kitchen table).

The traditional ways of working from home have changed and leading organisations are now coming up with innovative and engaging ways to create a positive work environment at home.

Working from home can often feel isolating and de-motivating for those who thrive off being around other team members or colleagues. Even for those that enjoy their time at home, it's important to maintain a connection with their team and ensure they look after their own wellbeing and those around them.

Maintaining What Matters

We hear a lot about the importance of connection and its influence on our overall wellbeing, both inside and outside of work. However, it can sometimes feel more challenging to stay connected when we are away from the office and adapt to the new ways that we connect with one another.

Video calls, for most, have become a staple in our business toolkit when working from home. Whilst they are a vital tool in keeping us connected with our clients and colleagues, it can often feel like we spend a lot of our days in and out of calls online. We are now starting to see the impact this can have on our wellbeing, so much so that the term 'zoom fatigue' was coined. So, how do we best maintain that connection while working from home, without having a negative influence on our wellbeing?

Some of the world’s biggest organisations have introduced new and innovative practices for their team to implement whilst working from home. They are embracing a flexible working environment that puts a focus on the wellbeing of their team and ensures that a connection is maintained.

Some Tips & Tricks To Maintain Wellbeing And Connection

We have collated some of our favourite work from home initiatives that your team can try:

Try incorporating some of these initiatives into your day-to-day routine to maintain connection with your colleagues whilst improving your wellbeing overtime. 

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